Discovering Melbourne’s Creative Urbanism

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Discovering Melbourne’s Creative Urbanism

Discovering Melbourne’s Creative Urbanism is your passport to enter the nation’s second largest city and not coincidentally its artistic hub. You will be taken to 3 most creative areas of the city: CBD and Inner North, Southbank and Arts Precinct, and Docklands.

See how artists, business owners and musicians have shaped Melbourne’s iconic laneways in the street art capital of Australia. Experience public art, outdoor performances, art installations, festivals, new green areas. All of this is invested in, and celebrated in Melbourne, and you can be a part of it today.

You will find here:

  • Photos and suggestions to create a creative trip in Melbourne
  • Academic papers and articles on Creative Urbanism in Melbourne
  • Sample itineraries to the main Creative Urbanism areas in Melbourne with a list of creative reading about certain spots
  • Easy-to-use maps
  • Useful links with directions to different creative spots in the city (including cafes, art galleries, restaurants)

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About the author

Agnieszka WalewinderIndependent travel blogger interested in exploring Creative Urbanism of Melbourne, currently doing a Master’s Degree in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam.

​ ​
​Folia Magazine writer, Social Media expert and SEO geek interested in marketing and PR. Co-founder of and an author of two other eBooks.

What travellers say about it:

A Wanderlust for lifeI never knew that Australia has a cultural center and now I’m excited to visit Melbourne to see all that it has to offer! This e-book is filled with interesting facts, history, and most importantly, practical information.

Jessica​ of A Wanderlust for Life

AngloItalianThis very useful guide to Melbourne is highly informative and very handy to who ever wants to visit one of the more creative and artistic cities in Australia. The nice and eye-catching design only increase my wiliness to jump on a plain and see it all with my own eyes. Great work!

Franca of AngloItalian Follow Us

Anna everywhereVery useful guide to Creative Melbourne, especially for non-Australian expats wanting to discover the city. Great design with bunch of great travel tips and creative things to do. Good job!

Anna of Anna Everywhere

Mapping MeganThis is a fantastic guide to the stylish and arty cosmopolitan which is the Australian city of Melbourne, and is an essential resource for the traveler wanting to discover Melbourne’s creative urbanism.
Featuring easy to use maps and useful links with directions to different creative spots in the city, as well as sample itineraries and reading recommendations, the guide provides everything from basic traveler information to detailed and comprehensive itinerary suggestions with an outline of the history behind each iconic landmark and attraction.
For those wanting to know about urban culturalism in melbourne; the history behind the city’s most iconic architecture, and where to find the best street art, coffee culture, ethnic food, festivals and events; this resource is for you.

Megan of Mapping Megan